Being tough is no excuse for having  Rough Feet

Tired of painful calluses and scaring small children with your hooves? Foot Fix is here to help you always put your best foot forward.

If you’re looking for a down-to-earth approach to foot care, you’re in the right place.

Based on a tried and true family foot soak recipe, G.B. Jones developed Foot Fix to finally put an end to his chronically cracked feet. The practical man’s solution for soothing even the toughest feet, Foot fix doesn’t just soften skin and relieve itching due to dryness – it also kills germs that cause foot odor and Athlete’s foot.

There are no toxins or harsh chemicals.

The process is easy. And the results are life changing!

Here’s how it works:

Order your big, beautiful bottle of Foot Fix along with the accompanying and highly recommended foot soak tub and file

Fill your foot-sized container with approximately 32 ounces of the Foot Fix solution. Add a cup of hot water to the mix if you'd like your soak to be a little steamy.

Soak feet for 5 minutes, then use your foot file to exfoliate any and all rough spots. After completion, rinse your feet off in the solution thoroughly

MARVEL at your GOOD-AS-NEW paws!
Repeat three times a week or as necessary.